Add Fog to Your Halloween Graveyard

Extremely often, it’s desirable to have haze stay reduced to the ground. This effect produces a dreamy setting on a phase as well as is used rather frequently in dancings, operas, performances and also various other theatrical productions. I don’t assume I have actually ever seen an efficiency of the timeless ballet “The Nutcracker” that didn’t utilize this type of effect. Since the fog from a fog equipment is warm, it often tends to increase as well as fill up an area as opposed to hugging the floor, which can make it challenging for the audience to see what’s taking place on the phase.

Luckily, there are a couple of different effective ways to produce a low-hanging fog effect.

Use a Solidified Carbon Dioxide “Pea Souper” Fog Maker. Generally, a pea souper is just a container filled with heated water. When fog is needed, lots of dry ice (20-40 pounds) is reduced right into the water, usually inside a metal basket. As the dry ice subliminates from a strong to gas in the warm water, it creates clouds of trendy carbon dioxide for a couple of mins. This gas is piped to the desired place with clothes dryer hose pipe. Pea soupers are really reliable for developing thick reduced dangling haze given that carbon dioxide gas is larger than air, it stays low to the ground. Considering that the primary consumable of a pea souper is solidified carbon dioxide and also not haze juice, they promptly come to be far more costly as well as difficult to make use of than a typical haze device. A popular version of Pea Souper is the LF05E made by LeMaitre (envisioned over) as well as at almost $700, is a whole lot more costly than it seems like it should be. However, most rental homes have them accessible if you need it for just a short time.
If you make a decision a pea souper is your finest do fogs dream alternative for reduced hanging haze, right here are a few tips:

Search for commercial gas supply firms in your location to find the very best prices on solidified carbon dioxide. It’s much cheaper to purchase it wholesale from them than from the grocery store.
If you separate the dry ice right into smaller sized chunks, you will obtain a whole lot more fog output in a much shorter time than if you make use of larger pieces, yet will certainly likewise obtain less haze time. An effective means I’ve found to separate dry ice right into smaller sized items is to then utilize steel tongs to put it in a hefty cloth bag and then hit it with a hammer up until you have actually gotten to the wanted dimension.
You can securely store large quantities of solidified carbon dioxide in a normal shielded colder for a few days, but do NOT store dry ice in a normal freezer. To the 110 level listed below absolutely no solidified carbon dioxide, putting it inside a freezer virtually 130 levels hotter than it is akin to placing a routine ice cube inside a warm oven. If you do this, your dry ice will certainly vaporize within hours.
Be very careful if you utilize dry ice. At a temperature level of -110 ° F, dry ice requires that you take unique safety precautions during handling and storage. Always use thick gloves, eye protection and usage metal tongs to take care of dry ice. Never ever touch dry ice with your bare skin, it will certainly create frostbite burns within seconds as well as can leave lasting damage.
Now, a few various other ways to achieve low dangling fog with a typical fog device.

Build a Fog Refrigerator to cool down the fog from a typical haze device. I’ve attempted this many times with combined outcomes, but sometimes it in fact functions pretty well. The concept is to utilize dryer hose pipe to duct the fog output from the haze equipment into a cooled chamber to decrease the temperature level of the fog in order to inhibit it from climbing. This can conveniently be attained by reducing an opening in the side of a water resistant box (Styrofoam colders are a terrific means to inexpensively attempt this) that is loaded with ice. A hole on the opposite side of the cooler can be linked to more dryer tube to pipeline the haze closer to where you desire it ahead out. Suggestion: I like to utilize those multiple-use covered cooling packs rather than ice due to the fact that they stay frozen a lot longer than regular ice as well as don’t make any mess when they thaw. I have actually additionally tried utilizing a small amount of solidified carbon dioxide (regarding 5 pounds) to cool down the haze, which functions rather well. The drawback to this method is that fog output from your haze machine will certainly be minimized rather. Some of the fog will certainly condense back to fog juice inside the colder, so you need a pretty effective haze equipment to get a decent quantity of low hanging haze. This strategy will not accomplish the same thick reduced hanging haze effect that the pea souper would produce, however it is a great way to obtain a comparable appearance without the mess and also expense of big amounts of dry ice.
Obtain a haze device with an integrated air conditioning system. American DJ makes a haze machine called Mister Kool that takes the principle explained above and builds it right into the exact same device as the haze maker. You simply load the Mister Kool with 4 pounds of routine ol’ ice as well as haze juice as well as out comes sensibly reduced hanging fog. As previously, this is not going to duplicate the pea souper result exactly, however it can get relatively close. It also has actually a constructed in water drainage system to make getting rid of the water from the melted ice a piece of cake, something that’s definitely not as easy with a home-built reduced existing fog service. If you require thick ground-hugging fog, using a Solidified carbon dioxide based system is the only reputable method to continually achieve it. However, if you simply want the fog from your haze machine to remain closer to the ground, cooling it is usually an efficient way to obtain that result.